Project Specifications

Acoustic Triple Glazing

The biggest hurdle to overcome with the Mitchell House project was the building’s location. Situated right next to a railway line, it was important that noise pollution didn’t disrupt the users of the building. To attain this, Mega Glaze specified acoustic grade, three paned glass for use in this project.

Liniar Casement Windows

Liniar manufacture one of the most popular range of uPVC casement windows on the market. Fitted with patented technology, we used both their Liniar 70 and EnergyPlus90 systems in this project. The latter are compliant with Passivhaus regulations.

AluK GT55 Entrance Doors

GT55 entrance doors, manufactured from AluK aluminium, were a key addition to this commercial project. Working with the client, we decided that they were the best option. This is thanks to their durability, even through heavy duty and regular usage.


See more about this project on Liniar’s own website:

Mitchell House Case Study